60 Seconds Trading Strategy

60 Second Binary TradingGiven his expertise in the financial trading industry, particularly in Wall Street and Canary Warf, Keith Jones began designing strategies to ensure profit. He found out later, however, that what he had developed is more appropriate for binary options trading. He tested the strategy and believed that it will benefit traders regardless of the initial losses. Is it the best 60 second binary options strategy? You be the judge.

Looking Closely at His 60 Second Binary Options Strategy

As the term suggests, it will only take you 60 seconds to trade and profit thus it is suitable both for beginners and traders busy with their life. However, it is important that you completely understand the whole process before trying this out:

  • Carefully make an analysis; employ the favored column. Choose Call Option and continue trading.

  • Don’t get too excited about trading binary options; do not invest high amount on your initial trade. Truth is that you should only start with $5 with that timeframe.

  • Regardless of the outcome of your first trade, double your investment to $10.

  • Regardless if you made continuous losses, continue to increase the amount of your investment – until it’s time for you to trade $100 in your subsequent 60 second binary options strategy. Before you know it, you will be able to recover your losses and it’s time to count your profit.

The Truth (or Logic) in this Profit Strategy

Is Keith Jones’ profit strategy the best 60 second binary options strategy? Let’s put it this way: there’s truth in his design. Its approach is the same way as Martingale Strategy: It does not let you hang around until a new trend begins to develop. Success in trading binary options is highly dependent on the 60-second timeframe.

The market is unpredictable – the movement of a certain financial asset’s value may go higher or lower. For example, if you invest in Call Option constantly, it is possible that the outcome can be on the side of Call. Trading in an upward trend consistently for three minutes, expect to get returns. So to say that this 60 second binary options strategy is not effectual may turn out inaccurate.


With this particular circumstance, his approach is possible to work. However, you must practice caution when making decisions about your 60-second trade because it is your hard-earned money. The possibility of winning may be at hand, but you may and may not earn profit.


The Higher the Risk, The Higher the Profit

The best 60-second binary options strategy can help minimize your losses, but do not take this as 100% accurate or true as the market is unpredictable. One moment it’s up; one moment it’s down. However, the timeframe itself, being so short, lets you trade in lesser time and offers you the next 60 seconds to try out other profit strategies. Think that the strategy of Keith Jones is not the lone system that will work for you. You must exploit other methods that also have the possibility of offering you profits.

Binary options trading is a high risk high turn investment. When your goal is not only to earn profit, but to also gain high returns, prepare to stake higher risk. Strike price is the amount of money you invest to start trading. You predict whether the value of a particular asset will go up (“Call”) or down (“Put”). This may seem relatively easy, but it is essential that you place your investment and set its expiration period at the right time.

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