Banc De Binary review

Banc De Binary ReviewOperating within the binary markets means attempting to adhere to a variety of financial regulations; this is especially complicated and difficult when dealing with the US. Banc de Binary has managed to find a way through the maze of regulations and become recognized by the US markets. The firm is known for providing good quality customer service and a fair, open service; being compliant with the most stringent financial regulations in the world should be seen as an additional reason to trust this broker. Of course, just like any business, there are complaints in respect of the service provided, however, these have been recognized and resolved individually. BDB has managed to establish an excellent reputation and appear keen to continue the existing trend.

The firm is based in Cyprus and is required to adhere to CySEC; you can find out more regarding the service they offer, as well as the layout of their SpotOption based platform by visiting their site;, calling them on 800 656 6163 or even emailing them at

This broker is no longer able to offer its services to US traders as it is no longer regulated by the US body CFTC. The reason their approach has changed is because they have been sued by the American governing body CFTC; although this is now history as it happened in 2013, BDB choose to move their business to Cyprus and adhere to the regulations imposed by CySEC; the biggest regulator in binary trades in the world.

BDB is considered to be the original binary options trader; it has been established and has been trading successfully for approximately eight years; this should reassure you of how legitimate they are. They will keep your funds safe and comply with all current legislation. It is important to note that BDB offers a good bonus scheme, however, in common with most brokers, acceptance of the bonus means agreeing to strict limits being imposed on your ability to access the funds in your account until specific conditions are met. You are able to decline the bonus and this may be the best course of action. BDB has established procedures for adding and accessing funds. If you do not feel it is possible, or you are unwilling to adhere to the rules and regulations then it’s likely that you will have a problem accessing your own funds. This is something that many traders complain about but is actually something they can fix themselves!

Getting Started

Creating a trade account is simple, you need to fill in an online form; this creates the registration and an account. Before you can start trading they must have a copy of your ID, plus a utility bill and a copy of your credit card, this should have the first twelve digits covered. Your dedicated account supervisor will, upon request, provide the authority to make your initial deposit of funds. Following this, funds can be added to your account. Assuming you do not accept any bonuses on offer it is possible to withdraw these funds whenever you want.

The most important part of trading is monitoring the prices of assets and choosing which one to trade, specifically which direction you think it will move in. It has been noted that the price on your market charts can be different to the price on offer from the broker. It is, therefore, essential to verify the broker’s price before you commence any trade. BDB will always offer you a price; you must always base your trade on their statistics. Particularly when first starting to trade, it is best to trade only the ones which have a small difference.

This matter has been the subject of many online discussions; it is important to read them and learn about the right approach to successful trading.

Once your account has been approved, you must add $250 to it before you can start trading. This is usually done via Visa, MasterCard, wire transfer or a multitude of electronic options such as MoneyBookers. You must be aware that if you deposit via wire transfer the minimum amount is $1,000. The bonus, which has already been mentioned, is based upon your initial deposit level but can be as high as a hundred percent; you do not need to accept any bonus; in fact, it is essential to check the rules and regulations first.


Banc de Binary offer several options to facilitate your trades, the most popular of these is the high or low option where you simply judge the direction the price of the asset is going to move in. You can opt to trade with expiry times a short as one minute, or as long as an hour. The average payout is approximately eighty percent although this varies according to the details of the trade.

As with most well established brokers there is a wide range of options to choose from when selecting the right asset. You can trade in commodities such as gold, silver, platinum, oil, or even sugar, wheat and corn coffee!

You can also choose to trade in a range of major currencies; these include the US dollar, Australian dollar, Euro, British pound, Japanese yen, New Zealand Dollar and even the Canadian Dollar.

If you would rather trade in stocks or indices there is a huge range of options for you to choose from. These range from global companies like Amazon, Apple, Google, Goldman Sachs, Disney and even IBM, to all the major markets, including FTSE 100, the DOW, Dubai, S&P 500 and even Tel Aviv 25.

Providing you approach binary trading with a reasonable degree of caution you will find the overall trading experience with Banc de Binary to be favorable.


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