can you make money with binary options

How to make money trading on binary optionsWhether you have just started trading in binary options, are just considering it, or, have years of experience; there is still something extra you can learn which will help you to trade successfully. There are several important aspects of this type of investment; these include understanding the signals given off by the market, utilizing the right method to keep your risk to a minimum and developing a strategy based on the price of an asset.

Understanding the fundamentals of these and how to implement them with your trading will improve your success rate.

Strategies regarding Price

If you undertake a little research you will come across a multitude of different strategies; each of them will profess to improving your success rate and helping you to locate the right trades. Many of these strategies can work, however, the most basic of strategies; the price action trading strategy is essential as it can provide all the benefits you need. Taking the time to understand this process will ensure you place better trades and see an improvement in your success rate.

The basic concepts which underpin this approach is knowledge and understanding of what support is and how resistance can affect the price of an asset. The support line on any chart is the bottom line; the place where the price of the asset may drop to but will then bounce back from and start to climb again. At the top end of the scale the resistance line has the same effect. It provides a guide to the top price the asset usually reached before it changes direction. There are rare occasions when the price goes outside these lines but it will usually trade within them. By understanding these lines you will be able to see when the price of an asset is close to a line and when it is likely to experience a price reversal.

To successful trade with this strategy it is best to allow the price to bounce upwards from the lowest price, then wait for it to stop moving up and head back down again. At the point it bounces and starts to climb again you must be ready to trade. As soon as it hits the peak; represented by the resistance line, you should place a put. The trade should be short term and you will see the price start to drop again; giving you a successful trade.

Risk Factors

Any type of investment carries risk and binary options are no different. The most fundamental principle to successful trading is to manage your funds carefully. You should establish a percentage or fixed amount which you are prepared to place on every trade; you must then stick to it regardless of how well you are doing. If you do not it can be very easy to put too much funds into an unsuccessful trade and wipe out your profits.

The other factor which must be considered when looking at risk is the broker you choose to use. You must consider the reputation of the broker and their maximum rate of return. However, you should also consider whether they offer a percentage back to you for unsuccessful trades; this can make it less risky to use a lower paying broker. For example, a broker who gives an eighty percent payout will give you more than a broker offering seventy five percent. However, if the one offering seventy five also gives ten percent cash back on unsuccessful trades then your funds are less at risk and your overall profit has the potential to be larger.


It is never a good idea to trade simply on a hunch; there are too many variables. Instead, you should have a little patience and choose the trade which is most appropriate. Ideally, you should start out by trading with the trend; every time a trend is confirmed you can trade at low risk. Another option which can ensure you go with the trends is either to watch and follow experienced traders, or to sign up with a professional signal provider.

The signal providers to sign up with are those that can show they have had a successful record. They should be able to provide you with a variety of signals which tell you when to trade and how much to trade; the number of signals you receive will be affected by the level of risk you are prepared to accept. Using a professional firm can be an excellent way to help you understand the trades and strategies. You do not need to watch the market and work out the best trades; this is all done for you! All you need to do is place the trade as indicated and wait for your profit. Of course, even the best signal provider websites do not get it right every time; this approach must be used in conjunction with the other two; particularly financial management.

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